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TED Talk: How Ideas Trump Crises, Alex Tabarrok

Opening: Alex Tabarrok starts off by pointing to the negative effects of putting up walls. He points to physical walls like the Berlin Wall, to political walls like the Russian Iron Curtain and to technological walls like a world without the internet to show the lack of economic growth during periods when those walls are […]

TED Talk: Why Brexit Happened, Alexander Betts

The Opening: Alexander Betts started his talk by an anecdote of his experience on the day after the Brexit vote. He realized that while he couldn’t believe that his countrymen would vote against the EU, he was even more surprised at the fact that he didn’t really know the regions that voted against the EU. […]

TED Talk: The real reason manufacturing jobs are disappearing, Augie Picado

Opening: Augie Picado opens with examples of countries that restrict the economic and political freedoms of its citizens. Those countries are Cuba and North Korea, self-determined isolationist, communist countries. Picado warns that countries should not follow the example of Cuba and North Korea by enacting protectionist policies. Main Points: Picado explains that individuals fear globalization because […]

TED Talk: A Conservative Plea, Arthur Brooks

The Opening: Arthur Brooks starts off with an anecdote about his liberal background. He explains that his family has always been supportive in whatever he has chosen to do …until they thought that he had become a Republican. This leads to Arthur Brooks’ main point: the dangers of political motive asymmetry. Main Points: Brooks affirms […]

TED Talk: Navigating Our Global Future, Ian Goldin

The Opening: Ian Goldin starts by saying that the smartest people of the last decade were completely off-base with their predictions for the future. He uses some images of those failed predictions to explain that the world is developing at a rate that no one was expecting and with which no one is familiar. Goldin […]

TED Talk: How Megacities are Changing the Map of the World, Parag Khanna

The Opening: Parag Khanna begins his inspiring talk by comparing the amount of infrastructure that we currently have that increases connectivity (i.e. telecommunications cables, roads, power grids) to the total length of country borders. He is trying to show that while there are a lot of borders, there is more connectivity. This is an interesting […]