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Guest Speaker: Nilkanth Avhad, Embassy of India

Nilkanth Avhad’s presentation of the political and business environment was a little more optomistic than Sumona Guha’s. Avhad is an Economic Counselor for the Embassy of India and said much of the same things as did Guha but with a more positive spin. Nilkanth Avhad emphasized India’s growth explaining that the country was opened economically […]

Guest Speaker: Sumona Guha, US India Business Council

Tonight, we had the pleasure of hearing from Sumona Guha, Senior Director at the US India Business Council. She gave us a very interesting summary of the developments in India over the past couple of years. Her talk focused mainly on the benefits that have resulted from the election of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister […]

Guest Speaker: Bill Plummer, Huawei

Vice President of Government Relations As of June 2010, Bill Plummer is the head lobbyist for Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications network company. Bill Plummer explained to us how Huawei has grown over the years to becoming the trusted telecommunications network company while the United States wouldn’t let it get its foot in the door. It’s […]

Guest Speaker: Frank Briel, Ikea

Store Manager Frank Briel has been with Ikea since the 1990s. He seems to have a real knack for the job, having performed it at several stores, including one that he opened in New England. Because Frank Briel has been with the company for so long, he was uniquely positioned to tell us about the […]

Guest Speaker: Richard Mintz, Harbour Group

My Global Strategy class had the pleasure of hearing from the Managing Director at Harbour Group, Richard Mintz, on February 19th. He has held a number of global public affairs positions, including with the Bill Clinton administration. Thanks to his experience, Richard Mintz was able to give us a broad overview of the state of […]

Guest Speaker: Terran Potor, Under Armour

Director of Global Expansion Team Terran Potor started out at Under Armour in 2004 as a customer account specialist. Throughout the years, she has grown with the company and is now the Director of the Global Expansion Team. Terran has helped Under Armour expand to 90 countries with 350+ stores. Two things that I found […]