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Global Interviews: Questions

I strongly believe that in order to do well, we must learn from those who came before us. For this reason, I was very excited to complete the informal interviews portion of this Global Reflection Portfolio. I wanted to interview two professionals from different fields who have had international business experience within different business models […]

Global Interview: Kim Vaccari

As the manager of international expansion for Konsyl, Kim Vaccari was the ideal professional to conduct an informational interview with. I first met Kim last year while participating in an international consulting project for the company through the University of Maryland CIBER program. During the project, I learned that Kim’s official title of Sales Operations […]

Global Interview: Ursula Haas-Kotzegger

I met Professor Haas-Kotzegger during my Global Branding class at the Vienna University of Business and Economics in Austria. I was always highly interested by the real-life examples that she would give in class to illustrate concepts from the course. My Brand Blog on this portfolio website is actually, in part, thanks to her class. […]