We can and should always learn from the world. In my opinion, courses are the springboard that leads us to real life applications. Without a proper foundation, the products we make in life will be ill-fated. But, when you mix something that you are passionate about with knowledge of the logistics, there is no project that you cannot complete successfully. I have had the privilege to attend a variety of conferences and courses, both at home and abroad, that are specifically focused on my interests. Below are some products of the courses that I have taken. If you would like to see some of my internship experience, please click here.

Public Speaking

  • IESEG Graduation Speech

Big Data for Business

  • Modeling Customer Satisfaction to Agency Performance
  • Predictive Analytics using R
  • Python Program for Competitive Analysis
  • Yelp Company Analytics Using Tableau
  • Predicting Online Engagement
  • Wine Clustering using K-means and Agglomerative Clustering
  • Exploring Networks and Maximizing Influence
  • Creating Recommendations for Online Streaming
  • Kaggle Competition – Predicting House Prices
  • Seasonal and Non-Seasonal Timeseries Forecasting
  • Descriptive Analytics in R with Shiny
  • Optimizing Product Delivery
  • Automating Dashboards with VBA


  • Airbnb Brand Audit
  • Innocent Drinks Creative Brief


  • EIP Capstone
  • TerpTank Competition

International Strategy

  • Five Guys in Russia
  • Manner in Poland
  • Pierre Hermé in Russia