International Strategy

During my Global Strategy class at the business school, I had the pleasure of learning from a couple global executives some of the rewards and challenges of taking a business abroad. Discover the insights from those speakers in my Global Portfolio.

Below are some of the presentation that I have created with peers on theoretical market expansions.

Pierre Hermé in Russia

In my Marketing Strategies in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) course in WU, we are preparing an international entry strategy for a non-CEE company to enter one country from the CEE. We decided to analyse Pierre Hermé’s possibility of entering Russia as it is a very high scale bakery and Russia has a high material culture.

Note: To scroll through the presentation, simply click on the slides.

Manner in Poland

In my International Management course in WU, we are developing an entry strategy for an Austrian company entering the Polish market. The goal in this project is to analyse the target culture to decide which entry strategy will be best for the brand.

Note: During this project, we put ourselves in the shoes of the company. While the design of the presentation may be a little outdated, we simply followed the design of the company’s website in order to make our presentation.

Five Guys in Russia

During the Fall 2015 semester, I was eager to participate in the Global Mindset Colloquium. At the time, the program was only a fledgling. We were the second class. Now, it’s a fully branded program of the business school. During the class, we had various professionals from all over the world talk to us about their experience with international business. The most eye-opening things were things that you wouldn’t even think about on a daily basis, such as McDonald’s having to adjust its kitchen to being kosher in Israel. For this course, we picked a company and country at random and were tasked with analyzing the business environment. Below is our final presentation.