Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Being between Germany and the UK, the Netherlands was a strategic position that both the Allies and the Axis wanted to control during the Second World War. Since the Netherlands had decided to remain neutral like it had been during the First World War, the German military believed that the Netherlands would be an easy target. That was not the case and the battle for Rotterdam lasted several days.

The story goes that during this battle, a German general told Rotterdam to either surrender or the German army will blow up the entire city. The Dutch colonel refused to surrender and stalled for more time. The second time that the German army gave the Dutch the ultimatum, the Dutch colonel was ready to surrender. The messenger had however given the wrong time and the German army flattened the city minutes before news of surrender would have reached the German army. For this reason, the vast majority of the city buildings date from the late 20th century. When deciding how to rebuild, the city opted to breath fresh life into the city with new building designs.

Known for its eclectic architecture, Rotterdam is definitely a unique destination to visit!

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