Haus der Musik, Vienna, Austria

Before being the Haus der Musik, the building was actually used for several different reasons, including an imperial foundry, a pawn shop and auction house and Archduke Charles’ palace from 1805 (who’s statue can be found on Heldenplatz). Most notably, however, Otto Nicolai lived in this palace from 1841 until 1847. Explore the photos to learn more!

The museum his organized by floors. The first floor gives an overview of the founding of the Vienna Philharmonic. The second floor is the Sonosphere. There are a lot of cool experiments with sounds that can be done on that floor. There’s even an exhibit that shows what it’s like to be in the womb! This floor is very educational and fun; a great place for school field trips! The third floor leads the visitor through the lives of some of the famous “Viennese” composers. I put Viennese in quotes because, as you will see, most of the composers were not actually born in Vienna. Personally, the third floor was my favorite. Finally, there’s a fourth floor that offers a couple more games to engage the guest with music.

Special thanks to the Haus der Musik app, which guides you nicely throughout the Museum.

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