Burgtheater, Vienna, Austria

Because theaters were intended to educate the simple folk as much as entertain royalty, tickets to a theater piece were intentionally maintained very low. Tickets remain low today as well. The cheapest ticket is three Euro while the most expensive ticket is 59 Euro. Additionally, all of the plays presented at the Imperial Court Theater were translated and performed in German, so that everyone can understand.

When the Burgtheater that we know today was built in 1888, Franz Joseph was so impressed by the painters of the “Künstlercompagnie” (Artists’ Company) that he gave them golden star for services rendered and each of them got their own salary. This was very unusual for artists in the service of the state because they were normally paid very poorly. The gallery below is of a few of the paintings inside the Burgtheater and with some background information, thanks to our lovely tour guide.

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