Belvedere, Vienna, Austria

Prince Eugene of Savoy was born in Paris in 1663, at the time of the Sun King. He was of a high born family but could not stay in Paris because of his mother. Prince Eugene’s mother had briefly been a mistress of the King before she married. It is said that she poisoned one of the ladies in waiting in the late 1670s because the king had fallen in love with the lady in waiting. She also threatened the king and fled France before her trial, leaving Prince Eugene behind. Because of this scandal, Prince Eugene was refused a position in the French army. In 1683, he moved to Vienna, where he eventually became commander-in-chief. With his wealth, he built the Belvedere, Italian for “beautiful view”.

Disclaimer: As we were not allowed to take pictures of original paintings, Egon Schiele’s painting and from WikiArt. Additionally, the picture of The Kiss by Klimt is a picture of the reproduction.


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