Albertina, Vienna, Austria

Beyond the museum’s impressive graphic art collection, the Albertina truly guides its guest through the ages of art. The permanent collection guides the viewer from Monet to Picasso. Until January 8, the museum also focuses on pointillism. More specifically, the section focuses on how impressionism led to that art movement and how it affected Fauvism, which came after.

Finally, until March 19th, the museum also takes the guest to the contemporary art era. While unexpected, I thoroughly enjoyed the contemporary art section because you could clearly see meaning behind the subjects and arrangements. The Albertina does a fabulous job at displaying the most meaningful and accomplished paintings of a given movement. Below I have highlighted a couple paintings, done primarily by native German-speaking speaking artists. While the museum showcases artists such as Monet and Chagall, those works can be viewed at various museums and I wanted to highlight the uniqueness of this one.

Additionally, the Albertina is home of the Habsburg Staterooms. The most notable couple to have lived in this wing of the Hofburg is Archduke Charles and Princess Henrietta of Nassau-Weilburg. Explore the gallery to learn more!

Hint: When in Gallery mode, clicking on the picture toggles between showing and hiding the caption.

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