Series Mania Creates Alternative Advertising

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with advertisements and other information, potential customers have learned to tune out all of the noise. As a result, companies need to think of smarter ways to announce their products to those potential customers. The Series Mania event did that by essentially hitting you with a bus.

While banners can sometimes be a good way to raise awareness for your product or event, more often than not it is ignored due to the large number of banners hanging all over the city. Series Mania decided to get creative and create a place advertisement. The organization placed an info desk in the shape of a bus in the middle of the main square of the city. Having the bus itself be the advertisement is genius because it gives the audience a call to action. If it were simply a banner, the audience would have to go online or to a separate office to get more information. Because the extra information is not readily available, even if the passersby were interested in the event, they would likely forget about it by the time that they reach their final destination as they are not invested in it. By placing the information office and human representatives inside the advertisement, the audience does not have to put in a lot of effort to get more information if they are interested. This interaction with the human representatives makes the passersby more invested in the event and leaves an impression on them. Thus, by encouraging impulse action, the organization linked the potential customers to the event.

What’s more, this event is in itself advertisement. Series Mania is an event where the first two episodes of new international series are shown for free in theaters and cinemas across the city. The idea is to get the audience hooked on the show and to boost the viewership. This is a great way of encouraging people to watch your series as it also creates a unique first impression of the series, being that it is projected on the big screen. Consequently, the participants of Series Mania are likely to have an emotional connection with the series and to form an increased loyalty.

Would the bus grab your attention enough to prompt you to go in? Why or why not?

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