WordCamp Dc

I attended the inaugural WordCamp DC conference July 2017. While coding is not directly in my career field, I am always eager to learn something new and engage with the community. The topics at the conference ranged from CSS to security issues to Regex. The great thing about this conference was that it had three tracks that an attendee could pick from during each session. Not only did this ensure that there was something for each participant, but this also allowed for a smaller audience to interact with the speaker. Due to the Q&A sessions, I was able to use the techniques from various presentations and tweak them to fit my website needs. Overall, a very successful conference, which I look forward to attend again in the future.

Marketing EDGE Conference

The summer of 2016, I earned the opportunity to participate in a marketing conference in New York. The conference solidified my desire to go into marketing without a doubt. Beyond the creative sides of branding, we learned about all of the exciting changes going on in the marketing world. Learning about all of the new marketing technologies used for analytics and programmatic had me itching to go into the field. I will be successful in the marketing field because I am passionate for all that it stands for: using technology to engage consumers and using cultures to appeal to their values.

PwC Emerging Leaders Retreat

In the spring of my freshman year, I applied for the PwC Emerging Leaders Retreat. We discovered different leadership styles and put them to the test through various simulations to see which one worked best. By the end, we had a better understanding both of the various leadership styles as well as the different workplace personalities and attitudes. Learning about personalities in the workplace is essential in order to find the best communication styles for fellow colleagues.