Netflix Party : A simple extension that could boost Netflix subscriptions

During these uncertain times, people often find themselves at home as their travel plans, concerts, etc. get canceled. Thus, many people turn to online streaming services for entertainment. While that’s all well and good for a couple days, it quickly becomes lonely. Enter Netflix Party, a Chrome extension that allows users to watch the same show at the same time.

While this extension has been around since 2016, it recently gained traction with the global stay at home guidelines in March and April 2020. This extension allowed family and friends to reunite for an after dinner movie. Similarly, this extension allowed couples to get together for date night from completely different cities or even countries.

Even though this extension was not created by Netflix, it is likely to bring additional subscribers to the online streaming service as it helps fill the important human need of social contact. This extension is a prime example of the benefits of an active community as well as of the benefits of creating SDKs that allow third-parties interact with your service and create supplementary services.

Have you used Netflix Party? Can you think of any other services that might benefit from a similar extension?

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