Entity Sentiment of Super Bowl Ads

As promised about a month ago, I took some time to run an entity sentiment analysis. To make it more presentable, I made a quick community management dashboard to give an idea of how the results can be presented and how they can be used. So applying this analysis to the SuperBowlAds hashtag, I collected about six thousand tweets and the top two ads are… *drumroll* the Google and Jeep ads.

To get a quick overview of the dashboard, here’s a video explanation. Obviously, as this is an MVP, there are many things that can be done to improve it, one of them being getting an overview of multiple social media channels. But, the goal of this dahsboard was simply to showcase how entity sentiment could be leveraged in a social media and customer service strategy.

There are a couple verbal “typos”, including “three million” instead of “three thousand”, so please ignore those. 😉

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