Connected hangers for better customer experience

In March 2019, Galleries Lafayette on Champs-Elysees debuted the first ever digital hangers. The idea behind the hangers is to request the size the customer wants to be sent to their dressing room all with just the click of a button. This system is also great for the aesthetics of a luxury store as it can display only one sample of each piece offered and keep an airy, high-class atmosphere.

In the beginning of October 2019, the agency Bluegriot won the silver award for the campaign in the Customer Experience category. This award was likely due to the fact that the client no longer has to lug around the pieces that are of interest to them. This is not only a win for customer experience but also likely for the bottom line. The more unencumbered the client is, the more clothes they are likely to order to their dressing room and the more they might later buy.

Besides the obvious customer experience improvement, this also be a win for the analytics department. Since these digital hangers are surely connected to a central computer somewhere, that computer can keep statistics of which clothes are the most tried on, which ones are the most bought and which ones are bought together. This can later be used to help the salespeople recommend other pieces that the client might like and buy. Additionally, this can be paired with qualitative in-store research, where the salesperson is given a list of items that are not selling well in order to ask clients who tried those particular items for feedback. This research could be invaluable for the design of next season’s clothing.

Can you think of any other benefit from this new technology? Which other companies do you think might adopt a similar technology?

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