Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is a city of many cultures and a rich history. But mostly, it is a city for beer and chocolate lovers. So, it is automatically one of my favorite cities.

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Art Nouveau architecture has its roots in Brussels in the early 1890s. It main purpose was to reject the symmetry of architecture styles until that point and to focus instead on movement and light.

Below are some of the comics murals in the southern part of Brussels. To take your own tour of the murals in Brussels, the Brussels tourism website has a good map of all of them.

The two main museums in the European Quarter–the Parlamentarium and the Museum of EUropean History–are absolute must-sees ! Don’t forget to bring a jacket though 😉

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  1. Often overlooked, but enchanting city on the tourist trail in Europe. Thank you for capturing the essence of this vibrant, multifaceted city!

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