Globalization is becoming synonymous with running a successful business. Thus, as a businessperson, being aware of and open to different cultures is necessary to be successful. More specifically, a marketer who is unfamiliar with the target culture will not be able to successfully relate to said culture. I started learning French and about the francophone culture ever since I started school. I relished in the different cultures that each of my teachers had to offer, whether they were from Congo, had studied in France or had volunteered in Cameroon. I could not picture continuing my education, or my life, without French.

After five years of French immersion in elementary school, I opted in to continue with the program in middle school. In high school, I worked independently with teachers to continue taking French classes even though the school did not offer those levels. In college, I didn’t even think twice when it came to choosing to do a dual degree with French. The summer after my freshman year of college, I participated in a semester abroad to Montpellier, France, where I gained insights on the French Mediterranean culture. I also had the opportunity to be a writer for the The Global Grid, where I wrote about sustainability projects all over France and other French speaking countries.

I am highly interested in cultures and believe that they are quintessential for a successful international marketer. I jump at every opportunity to get more familiar with a culture, whether it’s doing an intensive two-week language learning program in Guatemala, a school business trip to London or a semester abroad in Austria. I aim to understand cultures in order to be able to leverage them for future marketing campaigns or business communications.

Below are a couple examples of translations, creative writings and reviews that I have written. I have also served as a French blogger for Alliance Française in DC and for The Global Grid.

Traduction : L’immoraliste

Comparaison de Textes : Correspondances et Lorsque l’enfant paraît

Résumé : Point de rupture

Compte rendu critique : Un homme et son péché

Commentaire Composé : L’Octobre