Please note : these are only my internships and do not include my full-time positions. Please feel free to visit my LinkedIn page or to contact me for more recent information of my competences.
Marketing Analyst Intern at Wunderman DC

As my final internship of my bachelors degree career, I spent the summer of 2017 working full-time at the marketing agency Wunderman DC. For my daily responsibilities, I leveraged Google Analytics, DoubleClick and Excel to create the monthly website performance report. I analyzed trends and gave suggestions on how to optimize media spend to reach the highest number of quality visitors with the most efficient budget. Additionally, I conducted a semi-annual competitive audit using various online platforms to gauge the consumer sentiment towards our client’s brand and that of the competitors. I used qualitative data, such as results from social listening, as well as quantitative data, such as website traffic, to form a complete picture of the competitive environment.

My most rewarding project, however, was working with my fellow interns to put together and present an entire marketing proposal on reaching a new market segment of potential consumers. Using target market demographics and testimonials, we presented an innovative plan incorporating cutting edge technologies to solve the consumer pain points while differentiating ourselves from the other competitors on the market. This project was very exciting to me because I was able to pursue my passion of leveraging data to create a dialogue with potential customers through targeted marketing to achieve the best ROI.

Note: Recently, I wrote a python program to automate some of the research that I did for the competitive audit in order to streamline the process in the future and to allocate more time for the analysis phase instead of the data collection phase.
International Business Consulting

During the Spring semester of my junior year, I participated in an international expansion research project. Our team was part of the University of Maryland Center for International Business Education and Research but was given free reigns to work on the project independently. As co-team leader, I was tasked with making sure that the team moves at a productive pace and that we meet our deadlines for the deliverables. At the end of the semester, we gave our presentation and recommendations report to the executives of the nutraceutical company. Because this was client work, I cannot showcase the report or presentation. However, please feel free to check out this Smith News article of one of our client visits!

Matworks Website

After my sophomore year of college, I earned the opportunity to work for The Matworks. Working at the Matworks, I actively participated in marketing meetings as well as pitched my ideas to my supervisor, the VP of Marketing and Sales. With the rapid growth of the company, we were adding a new division. That meant that there were a lot of branding meetings and chances for me to learn from and participate in the process. Additionally, because it was the company’s fiftieth anniversary, I had a close working relationship with the outside branding agency. One of the projects that I volunteered for on top of the ones assigned to me was the updating of the company website. I applied my website experience from my previous two internships in order to add value to the Matworks. Below is a screencast of some of the improvements that I made to the website. [Screencast was recorded August 10th, 2016.]

Note: Like all tutorials/screencasts, watching the videos at at least 1.25 speed is usually best. To change this, go to settings (the gear in the bottom right) and choose speed. The default is 1.
Matworks' 50th Anniversary

The major project that I was working on during my summer marketing internship at The Matworks was the company’s fiftieth anniversary. With my supervisor, Huseyin Koca, we discussed the goals of this project. I was then given the freedom and the autonomy to work with my colleague and our outside branding company to complete the goals. One of the deliverables was a book commemorating all of the people that the founder, Robert Burman, had touched with his business. We contacted and interviewed externals as well as staff in order to create a very meaningful book on what the company stands for and how Mr. Burman has instilled those values. Knowing that Mr. Burman has a love for golf, we designed a personalized golf bag to show off his pride in his company when he goes golfing with his friends. For the staff, we made sure to thank them for their loyalty (some of the staff having been there over thirty years) by ordering personalized tumblers, mugs and polos. Last but not least, we personalized golf balls and pens for loyal customers.

What I appreciated in this project was having the opportunity to coordinate with the outside branding company to develop and modify the 50th year logo depending on the deliverable that we were using it for. Getting a sneak peek into the creative side of marketing was something that I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a great deal from.

Below are some pictures of the final event.

Flyer for Sherwin Williams

In addition to editing the website and managing the 50th anniversary, at the Matworks, I had the opportunity to design a flyer for a new product that we were introducing to Sherwin Williams stores. I used everything that I had learned from the branding agency to create the flyer using InDesign. The flyer below received a 100-unit order the first day as well as 7 orders in the following week.

Enterprise through Literature

In September 2015, I began creating a website for Enterprise through Literature program. I drafted logos using Photoshop and InDesign and created a website (Website in October 2015.pdf) using WordPress, both of which I presented to the program supervisor. The live page, maintained by me and my supervisor, can be found at: Below are also some of the flyers that I made for the program.