As a Data Consultant, I have had the opportunity of working on many different types of projects in many different types of roles. While working on a project for an international CPG company, I took on the role of Data Engineer, among a couple others, and decided to get certified as a GCP Data Engineer. Some of the tools that I leveraged on the project are:

  • Cloud Run
  • Cloud Composer
  • Cloud Functions
  • Cloud Container Registry
  • Big Query
  • Pub/Sub

For more information on my capabilities using GCP, please feel free to take a look at my LinkedIn page.

Curious about the other cloud providers and wanting to be leverage my Data Science knowledge, I have also explored some of the AWS services and have recently gotten certified as an AWS Cloud Practitioner and an AWS Machine Learning Specialist.

Having learned Python at IESEG during the Big Data for Business Masters program in the context of Data Science, I am always eager to explore the different ways that the programming language can be used (ex. to talk with APIs and build data pipelines). I have earned a LinkedIn badge confirming my knowledge of this programming language.

In addition to the various projects that I have done in R, I have completed multiple certifications for R through the DataCamp platform including:

  • Cleaning Data in R
  • Data Manipulation in R using dyplr
  • Data Analysis in R, the data.table way
  • Building Web Applications in R using Shiny
  • Reporting with R Markdown

I have used Tableau on multiple occasions, starting with data analysis for Konsyl Consulting Presentation until my position at Accenture, where I built dynamic dashboards for the marketing team of a French automobile company. Having started with Tableau courses on Lynda.com in 2017 and continuing to improve over the years, I can now create rather advanced visualization, such as waterfall charts and funnels, to better answer the needs of my clients.

In January 2019, I earned my SAS Base Certification. We have used SAS extensively in class to merge and update databases as well as to predict churn. Currently, I am studying for the SAS Advanced Certification to go above and beyond and show my knowledge of macros.

I am certified in Google Analytics and use it regularly to manage my portfolio website. Moreover, Google Analytics was crucial for the monthly dashboards that I created for clients every month during my time at Wunderman DC. For more in-depth info about my Marketing Analytics position at Wunderman DC, please visit the internship page.

To ensure accurate Google Analytics metrics, the Wunderman DC team was focused on making sure that all of the tags on the client websites were implemented correctly. Interested in seeing how Google Tag Manager works, I earned my certification in 2017.

At the Marketing EDGE Conference that I attended in New York City, MediaMath presented us with programmatic ad buying. Having a love for numbers, I was curious to understand how it worked. At the end of the conference, MediaMath gave us the opportunity to follow a course online and get certified. Doing so was my first experience with how programming can influence the marketing industry.

In my Marketing Research class during my second junior semester, we created a survey, collected data and then analysed the results using SPSS. The software intrigued me and I wanted to learn more about it so I completed the “SPSS Essential Training” course on Lynda.com to learn more.

Here’s a summary that I created of some of the analyses and edits that I found most useful: SPSS tips and tricks

Here’s the output and the analysis of my marketing research project.