IKEA Seeks Customer Opinions

IKEA is getting ahead of the game. While competitors are asking customers about their experience after the fact, IKEA does so even before you leave the store. This is very smart for two reasons: (1) your experience is most fresh and top of mind as you are completing it and (2) you are less likely to think of giving feedback or to have time to do so after the experience has ended. By asking customers give feedback at the checkout desk (as seen in the picture to the left), IKEA ensures that it is getting the most and the most accurate feedback.

That being said, the main disadvantage to this approach is that there is no time for customers to give lengthy feedback. As this question is popping up during checkout, IKEA was smart to only ask one question so as to not slow down the checkout process too much and hurt their customer service. One thing that the company could do though is to have the option to continue the survey later by asking users if they would like to elaborate on their answer. If they answer “yes”, an option to send a link in a text or email could pop up. This option could be linked to the loyalty card, that way customers will not have to waste time typing it all out.

Have you ever experienced the satisfaction question on your visit to the store? Would you answer “yes” to the elaborate question?

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