Best Super Bowl Ads

My personal favorite ads during the 2018 Super Bowl are two of the four Tide commercial variations. Tide ignores the fact that laundry is not a very sexy topic. Instead, it tries to create the most entertaining commercial in order to be talked about by consumers. This year, it decided the create a parody of other commercials. The first one makes fun of commercials that don’t seem to have anything to do with the product that they are advertising. This is very clever in my opinion because now every time a consumer sees an ad and they can’t think of the brand right away, they will wonder whether it’s a Tide ad trying to fool them. The second Tide commercial that I liked was the one that played on pharmaceutical commercials. It has all the give away signs of a medication commercial: the elderly people cringing, the solemn voice over at the beginning and the fast-paced voice over at the end. And yet, #itsaTideAd. These commercials brought a smile to my face and were definitely memorable. Capital Communicator was of the same opinion, when it comes to Tide having the best ad during the 2018 Super Bowl.

Smart Ways to Increase Consumption

During this year’s Super Bowl, there were also two grocery products advertised with the goal of increasing consumption. Because both brands have high brand recognition, the companies instead aimed at encouraging users to use the product in more ways than just its typical use.

Pringles was one of those companies. The aim of the commercial was to persuade consumer to venture outside of their comfort zone. Once a consumer picks their favorite Pringles flavor, that’s the one that they continue to buy. But this means that consumers are likely buying only one pack. In order to increase consumption, the commercial gives the power to the consumer. It says that you can create your own flavor. This appeals to the individuality of consumers and to their curiosity and sense of adventure.

The other company is Avocados from Mexico. The company created a parody of the latest trend in the entertainment industry: Sci-Fi end-of-the-world movies and shows. By showing the actors in a ridiculous panic over chips, Avocados from Mexico is suggesting how ridiculous it is to only eat guacamole with chips. There are many other ways to guacamole, notably by putting it on a piece of toast, because “avocados taste great with lots of things”. Just like with the Pringles commercial, Avocados from Mexico is not really aiming to gain new clients but is more aiming to increase the loyalty and the consumption levels of the current user base.

A Trend to Be the Smarter You

Finally, there is clearly a trend of creating commercials where a smarter version of you is making better decisions. This commercial is telling the viewer that one bad decision can have lasting consequences, like anxiety attacks. has a similar commercials where “not yous” experience little tantrums when they realize that they are too late and the house is no longer on the market. There have been various other commercials that focus on building up your self-esteem for making the “correct” choice in life, most often in the telecommunications and auto insurance industry. All of these commercials are targeting the consumer’s desire for higher self-esteem.

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