AMC entices fans with Star Wars posters

star-wars-the-rogue-one-postersWith the advent of streaming services and the drastic increase in movie ticket prices, movie theaters are struggling to keep their doors open. AMC though has found a way to entice Star Wars fans to come to the movies. Maybe even three times for the same movie. During the three Sundays following the Star Wars: Rogue One release, AMC will be giving out exclusive posters to those in attendance. Spreading this campaign through social media not only creates hype for fans of Star Wars but it also spreads the news to friends of the fans of the anthology. Even if those friends will not go see the new Star Wars movie, this campaign acts as a reminder ad for the movie theater itself. It gives consumers another option for their holiday spending and festivities.

amc-three-times-view-2The power of social media goes further by opening a dialogue with the fans. Some fans asked questions, seeking more details while others posted that they will be seeing the movie three times. Others yet asked if the campaign would be available abroad. This campaign is smart from AMC’s part because it will entice viewers to watch the movie multiple times and to hopefully bring their friends. Social media allows further tapping in to the friend network as fans tag their friends, multiplying the campaign’s reach. Additionally, while the movie theater will be packed when the movie debuts, AMC will be able to capitalize on a slower movie day, Sunday as opposed to Friday and Saturday. While giving out free posters will definitely increase the movie theater’s costs, the repeated visits by customers will likely far out-weigh those costs. AMC has opted for a very simple, yet high potential campaign. We will have to wait until the new year to see just how big the impact was.

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